Account Information


Account InformationReymount primarily handles two types of forex accounts – Standard and Mini account. The accounts are categorized based upon the investment level of our clients, so that we can attend even the lowest level of trade services. Specifically designed for high net-worth individuals, the Standard account requires a minimum investment amount with a margin rate of 1%. The mini account on the other hand designed for new investors, starts with a nominal balance by the same level of margin. The mini account is suitable for inexperienced traders interested in short-term gains with minimum investment and at the same with limited risk. Check our standard and mini account pages for further details.


Reymount forex accounts can be opened in four different ways, pertaining to client's requirements. For investors desiring to perform trading activities by themselves, the ‘Individual Account' is best suited. However for combined trade execution services, the ‘Joint, Corporate and General Partnership' accounts are available. In case of corporate and partnership accounts, the partners in contract jointly execute trade on behalf of their accounts or can appoint Authorized Agent to execute the trades. The rights of the agent are framed by the partners and can be changed after sending prior intimation to Reymount. It is therefore the sole responsibility of the partners to manage their agent's activities.


Reymount follows stringent measures when it comes to handling of customer's accounts. Our business policies have earned us wide appreciation and confidence in the trading world. Credential achieved has helped us to build relationship with leading banks and institutions. Reymount maintains its client's account only with reputed banks ensuring proper safety of funds at all times.

If you are new client contact our 24/7 support team on the procedures to be followed for depositing the funds. Relevant documents will be immediately either mailed or faxed to you as per your request. After properly understanding the documents, fill in the necessary details and send it to our corporate address. Within 2 business days our team will guide in further process. Please feel free to contact our team immediately if you encounter any problem while making your deposits.


At any point of time client's can withdraw funds from his/her trading account. Withdrawal requests should be presented in the form of a letter sent via fax or post, addressed to Reymount. The letter should clearly mention the withdrawal and other relevant information as stated. Your requests will be processed within 2 business days.