Dealing Advantages with Reymount


Dealing Advantages with ReymountTrading live means you need to have real-time streaming quotes running in your screen. If your trading software does not fulfill this basic criterion, it means that your software displays delayed quotes. Placing orders based on delayed quotes generally curtails your positional advantage that could have been attained if you had placed at another price. The only way to eliminate this barrier is to equip your trading software with instant quotes direct from the trading floors. The orders are executed precisely as soon the selected price is hit in the market. Reymount Net Trader supplies traders with real-time instant quotes and other essential analysis tools within the same package without any delay.


Reymount Net Trader exhibits real-time market prices along with analysis tools for instant access and fast order execution. As the quotes are taken by the software, the order gets immediately executed at the selected price itself, thereby reducing the possibility for re-quotes and price slippage.


While trading in Reymount, you always enjoy more benefits on your investments. To accommodate any kind of investor be it small, institutional, corporate or high net-worth individuals with our unrivalled services in the forex market, we provide competitive dealing spread rate of 3 to 5 pips on all major currency pairs. We make sure that our spread rates are always in line with market liquidity.


Reymount Investment has framed comfortable margin slabs of 100:1 on currencies and metals. The lower the margin percentage, the higher the volume of transactions you may control in your account. Similarly to spread rates, the margin percentage may also vary according to market requirements. Apart from minimum margin rates, clients may however be requested to maintain the margin level in case of their margin shortages.


Reymount Investment performs unsurpassed forex trading services to individuals, institutional clients and high net-worth entities at a minimum service cost. Our clients also enjoy the benefit of higher margin leverage facilities and wider pips on all major currency pairs. Nominal commission is charged for all orders executed by the client.