Reymount FAQ's
Who is Reymount Investment Ltd.?

Reymount Investment Ltd offers internet- based foreign exchange dealing to institutional investors, money managers, and private investors. Reymount's mission is to raise the bar for on-line Forex trading by offering a professional, technologically superior service that allows small to medium size investors access to 24 hour, commission - free dealing at competitive spreads.

Why should I trade with Reymount Investment Ltd. ?

The two main benefits Reymount Investment Ltd offers over competing on-line dealing are (1) the ability to deal directly from real-time bid/ask quotes, and (2) the unparalleled professionalism and customer service provided by our team of experienced professionals.

What are your commissions and fees charged ?

Reymount charges minimal commission. Price quotes are inclusive of our normal dealing spreads.

What are your trading hours?

Reymount dealing facility is available from 10PM GMT Sunday through 8:15 PM GMT Friday except on declared market holidays.

What's the difference between the demo and the live trading platform?

The only difference is that there is no capital at risk when trading on the demo system. Reymount's demo system is fully functional and, more importantly, the bid/ask rates available in the demo system are the exact rates available to our live trading clients. The demo allows you to see first hand the consistent dealing spreads offered by Reymount and sample the ability to deal instantly from live, streaming quotes.

Can anyone open an account with reymount?

Yes, However there are certain criteria to open an account with reymount. Individuals from certain countries such as the UK and the US (for example) will not be able to open accounts with us for regulatory reasons. To know if you are eligible for an account please email :

How do I open an account with Reymount?

You will be provided step by step walkthrough while filling your information online. We provide you complete online application and approval for opening information.Click here to start

How much money do I need to open an online account ?

The minimum deposit to open an account with Reymount is US$10,000.

What happens to my open position at the end of the trading day?

Unless specific settlement instructions are provided, Reymount will automatically roll forward all open positions to the next day's value date at the end of each business day, 4:30 pm EST. All rolls will be done at competitive rollover rates, and depending on the currency pairs involved, trades will be executed where the trader will either earn or pay away points, depending on the interest rate differential between the two currencies