Precious Metal Trading & Bullion Markets

Precious Metal Trading & Bullion MarketsPrecious metals like gold, silver and platinum are also being traded in the forex market. Trading in these metals were always considered as a safer mode due of its ever increasing demand all over the world. These markets have grown as a fertile playground for large investors especially speculators and hedgers. Now these markets provide various flexible options with minimum risk levels. Beyond the general features, these hard core metals can be crafted into exquisite ornaments and showpieces in combination with other precious stones without losing their charm and elegance even after years. Their durability and resistance to withstand environmental pressures and obliteration has facilitated investors to view them as alternatives to other investment types. Similarly traders consider investing in gold and silver as the other possibility of portfolio diversification.

Reymount clients can now trade in spot gold and silver 24 hours a day with higher spread levels. With a minimum margin of $1,000 on 100 Troy oz of gold a spread rate of 40 cents is available and upon 5,000 Troy oz of silver with the same margin level a spread rate of 2 cents is available to all our clients. Quote for metals are available 24 hours a day in our Reymount Net Trader and also from our dealing desk. Application of stop-loss and limit orders can also executed on spot gold and silver trading contracts. Reymount dealing team provides constant updates on prices and gold market status to all our valuable clients especially for metal traders. Supplementary issues on bullion markets are also delivered periodically.