Mini Forex Trading

Mini TradingActing as an equal opportunity provider, Reymount Investment has now designed new business programs for its expanding global client base. As an enhancement to our operations wing, we have introduced the new Mini trading account platforms. Reymount provides state-of-the-art trading software quoting live prices, market charts, news updates with margin verifier. The software that we provide to our mini trading client is the same that we provide to our standard account holders.

Mini Advantages


Reymount Investment performs clearing and trade settlement services to all its clients on major currency pairs and precious metals. Accessing global markets with our superior online trading software – Reymount Net Trader, developed using modern internet technologies enables our clients to receive instantaneous quotes and fills on their orders. Considered as one of the largest and highly volatile market of the world, the forex market is participated by a multitude of investor's base which includes small individuals, banks, clearing houses, institutional clients, speculators, corporate houses, money mangers and hedge fund managers. The frequent fluctuations in currency prices facilitated investors to speculate and trade on them. Without any discrimination, the forex market offers potential income earning systems to its entire community of investor's beginning right from small individual traders to high-net worth individuals.


The approach of an expert towards the move of the market is always unique. What makes them unique is, they frame their own strategies and solutions. A closer look at them reveals these winning strategies are nothing but pure knowledge they gained over the years. When applied, these strategies are sure to yield good results. Reymount has the wealth of experts coming from various markets framing market solutions for our clients. Mini trading clients can reach our expert team and seek their guidance at any time. Our expert assistance gives a clear outline of the situation that enhances their decision making process.


Reymount offers superior trade execution software to all our clients – standard and mini account. When at Reymount, you get within seconds – instant access to the market, place the order and get confirmation. No slippage, No re-quotes. All you do is connect, click and confirm. To control your risk levels, choose our Stop or Limit order options. Also view your online account status and reports up-to-the-minute without any delay. Printed copies of the reports are also available.


Reymount service project list continues to expand as we explore the opportunities. Each day the financial market takes new forms and it becomes quite complicated to keep pace with the changes. Tracking changes and analyzing them is a time consuming process and is not possible without prior knowledge and experience. All you need is a professional like Reymount in this case. Over the years of our working, Reymount has achieved the power of knowledge and experience to assist our clients in diversifying their investment portfolio. If you are interested in our offerings, then why not register to be our client?


Reymount mini trading account facilitates small traders to start FX account with a very low balance with limited risk factor. Automatic margin alerts monitors your positions ensuring that you do not lose more than what you have invested. Immediate fills are completed at the selected price only.


Starting with a minimum balance you can trade with a leverage level of 100:1, enabling you to control trade volumes of $100,000. Chances of earning potential profits within a short period combined limited risk liability on the contracts is the best part of mini trading.


Reymount Investment provides clearing and execution services on the following currency pairs – USD, EUR, JPY, CHF, NZD, AUD and CAD. Spreads of 3 to 5 pips on the currency pairs are maintained at all times, with likeness of their increase during times of high volatility. We provide 24 hours streaming live quotes direct from the markets in split seconds.


For the services we are providing to our customers, we charge a minimum amount as trade charges irrespective of their account balances.


Trading in forex market has always fascinated speculators and hedgers to reap huge profits by maximizing the yields on their movements. Though equities markets do encourage investors, it has its own limitations such as trading hours, commission, controlled environments etc. Unlike the forex market, equity trading is executed on regulatory floors as the Stock Exchange and many other regulatory authorities, which controls and monitors the activities of the forex market.


The forex market works round-the-clock 24 hours a day starting in New Zealand and winding its operations in New York , by the time it again becomes the opening hours in New Zealand . The continuous market allows trades to place orders via online at any time irrespective of the geographic location. Reymount accepts orders via online 24-hours a day daily from 22:00 GMT Sunday through 21:15 GMT on Friday.


Reymount Investment provides wide spread rates of 3 to 5 pips on all major currency pairs. Steps are taken to ensure that the spread rate is maintained consistently at all times. During high volatile conditions, clients can expect the spread rate to vary and may sometimes increase according to currency fluctuations.


Using Reymount Net Trader , the state-of-the-art trading software designed by our team is regarded as the best online trading platform for investors. Constructed using the latest technological tools, Reymount makes fast fills on both market and contingent orders. Market orders are executed at the selected price. Stop and loss orders are executed at the prices specified by the clients. The software keeps track of the order prices and automatically executes the orders when the price is hit, ensuring all orders are without slippages.


Transacting huge volumes of trades every day, the forex market offers numerous trade options to its investors. Limited restrictions on market activities have enabled traders to freely enter and exit the markets at any point of time. There is no necessity for a trader to wait for his potential buyer/seller. He can take a new order or close his previous position. But this is not possible in the equities market.