Software Installation

Software InstallationOnce you register for Demo or Live accounts, online or offline, then you will get an activation mail to the e-mail address provided by you to activate your account.

Step 1: Please click the account activation link in the e-mail you received from Reymount Investment with User Name, Password or type in the browser window.

Figure 1: Enter Site Name

Step 2: Click Login Demo/Live button that is available at the top right hand corner of the website to access your demo/live account. Click Yes in the Security Certificate and Proceed.

Figure 2: Select Account Type

Figure 3: Security Certificate

Step 3: Please enter your User Name and Password that we provided through email. Click LOGIN after entering the User Name and Password.

Note: Passwords are case Sensitive

Figure 4: Login Window

Step 4: If you miss to enter either Username and or Password or provided the wrong User Name and or Password then you will get a message in the same window. Please enter your Username and Password to access your account.

Figure 5: Wrong Username and Password

Step 5: After entering the right Username and Password you will get a page to download the demo trading software.

Figure 6: Software Download Links

Step 6: Click the Click here icon to download the software. If you are downloading for the first time then download the Setup file , otherwise Executable.

A dialog box will appear asking whether you would like to Open the program or save it to disk. Select Save to save the program, otherwise Click Cancel . When you click Save , a new window prompts you to save the software to your system disk.

Figure 7: Save to Disk

Step 7: Please select the appropriate location in your system to save the program and Click Save.

Figure 8: Save this file to Location

Step 8: You can see system downloads the demo trading software. The download time may vary according to your internet speed. (Please check the System Requirements to know this better). When the download process is successfully done, you will be prompted with the Download Complete window as in Step 9

Figure 9: Saving the File to System Disk

Step 9: Once download is over then you will get a window to Open the Software and Open Folder . Click Open for fast execution or Open Folder to view the software to execute. Otherwise Close this window

Figure 10: Open Folder

Step 10: If you click Open then you will get the image shown in Step 11 . If you click Open Folder then you can see the Software for Installation as in figure. Double Click the Icon to install the trading system in your Computer. You will get an Installation Window to proceed further.

Figure 11: Reymount Net Trader

Step 11: Click Start to install the software in your Computer. Otherwise click Exit . If you wish to install the software in another location other than the specified one in the destination directory then Click Browse

Figure 12: Executing the Software

Step 12: If you wish to change the Destination Directory then Click Browse , you will get a window to Browse the Folder . Please select the location you wish to install the software.

Figure 13: Select the Location to Install

Step 13: If you click Exit in Step 11 then you will get a window to confirm this. Click YES to exit from installing the software. Otherwise Click NO

Figure 14: Aborting Installation

Step 14: If you click Start then the system will automatically install the demo trading software in your Computer. If you want to Stop the installation while execution then Click Stop

Figure 15: Installation Process

Step 15: If you Click Stop then you will get a window to confirm this. Click YES to exit from installation. Otherwise Click NO

Figure 16: Aborting Installation

Step 16: Once Installation is over then you can see the message Installation was Completed Successfully with percentage as 100%. Click OK to Proceed.

Figure 17: Installation Complete

Step 17: When the installation is complete then you will get a folder with the Reymount Net Trader icon along with the software Uninstall icon.

Figure 18: Reymount Login and Uninstall Icon

You can access or uninstall the Reymount Net Trader from the folder itself. If you want to create a shortcut for the application, right-click and select ‘Send To' > ‘Desktop (create shortcut)'. A shortcut to the application will be created in your desktop.

To start the application, Click Start > Programs > Reymount Net Trader and click it or else double click the shortcut to the application from desktop. Enter your username and password to start your trading session.

Uninstalling the Software

Step 1: If you want to uninstall the Reymount Net Trader then Click Start from the Main Menu bar. Select Programs and select Reymount Net Trader > Uninstall.

Figure 1: Selecting the Uninstall Menu

Step 2: When you Click Uninstall then you will get a message window to confirm your task. Click Yes to Uninstall the software. If you want to keep the trading system in your computer then Click No

Figure 2: Uninstall Confirmation Window

Step 3: When you click Yes in the confirmation window then it will proceed with removal process. You can see the process window. Once the system removed the trading software from your Programs Menu then you will get a window confirming the removal of trading software. Click OK to close this window

Figure 3: Software Removed

Another Option for Removing Reymount Net Trader from your System

Step 4: You can also un-install the Reymount Net Trader Software in another way. Go to Start, Click Settings , then Select Control Panel. You will get the items in the Control Panel menu.

Figure 4: Removing through Control Panel

Step 5: Double Click the Add /Remove Programs icon from the list. Then you will get a window with the list of programs installed in your Computer. Select Reymount Net Trader from the list.

Figure 5: Add/ remove Programs Menu

Start 6: Click Remove to remove Reymount Net Trader from your System. Then you have to proceed with the same as in Step 2 and 3.

Figure 6: Reymount Net Trader Removal