User's Guide

Trading Window:
User's GuideThe Main trading window has three sections such as Price Grid, Order Positions, and statement section.

Price Grid:
The price grid is a tabular form which has symbols, last, bid, ask, time, high, and low columns with dynamic data in it.

  Section Name Nature of Transaction
  Symbol A list of tradeable items in reymount
  Last The most recently traded prices
  Bid The price at which is prepared to buy a particular currency
  Ask The price at which the market is prepared to sell a particular currency
  Time The time at which transactions take part
  High The price that is reached the highest for the day
  Low The price that is reached the lowest for the day

Market- Orders:
Market Orders section assists you in selecting a BID/ASK price which you desire to trade.

Contingent Orders helps you in selecting a LIMIT / STOP point for the price taken in the marke orders section.GTF (Good Till Friday) gives you a choice to keep the trading positions alive till Friday of the week of trading.

Get Quotes:
Get Quotes section allows you to choose the quantity and type of the item that you wish to trade. Item list consists of 40 tradeable items in reymount.

Accounts section has six in-built sections to facilitate in the following business transiactions.

  Section Name Nature of Transaction
  Summary Trading details
  Profile Personal details
  Open Open trading positions
  Offset Offset trading positions
  Settled Settled trading positions
  Contingent Contingent trading positions

Statement section has five sub sections for the following transactions.

  Section Name Nature of Transaction
  Summary Entire financial transaction with reymount
  Financial Summary Entire funds position with reymount
  Portfolio Holdings Entire break-ups of fund positions
  Transaction Details Details about Profit/Loss transactions
  Pending Orders Trading Positions pending

This Dep.Details explains three more sections for the following purposes.

  Section Name Nature of Transaction
  Summary Entire fund transfer position
  Deposit Entire deposit position
  Withdrawal Entire withdrawal position

Order Details:
Order details briefs about all trading positions in an account.

  Section Name Nature of Transaction
  Market Orders Entire fund transfer position
  Confirmed Cont. Orders Entire deposit position
  Cancelled Orders Entire withdrawal position

News & Charts:
This section provides links related to financial markets.

Reymount Online Trading solutions support 40 different tradeable items.

As a usual internet mail, our mail option has the similar features and functionality.

  Section Name Nature of Transaction
  Compose To send mails
  Inbox For list of mails received from reymount
  Sent Items for list of mails sent to reymount
  Draft For list of mails drafted
  Notices To information in advance
  Alerts For current market happenings

Chat section facilitates communication with reymount on Compliance, Technical Support, Dealer, and Business Manager and also supports online conference with reymount's broker and back office.

Account Executive:
Account Executive is the person who introduces investors and trading account to reymount to trade on their behalf.

  Section Name Nature of Transaction
  AE Profile AE's name, address, contact no
  AE Rights AE's Rights to view, block, and trade etc.,
  AE History AE's past record with the company

Password Settings : Entire Online security
Program Settings : Security for trading session
Trade Settings : Security for trading positions with STOP / LOSS.