Forex White Label Program

White LabelIn the fore-front of forex trading and advisory solutions framing, Reymount has emerged with numerous income generating opportunities that allows individuals to establish their own business units by cultivating strong and everlasting relationships with us. The white label program of Reymount offers challenging environments to bubbling business drivers to take the lead of forex trade program in their native and to evolve as a primary mediator of us. If you would like to become a leading partner of Reymount why not choose our productive white label program?

Reymount White Labeling

Springing with flexible business deals perfectly sketched out to suit different personalities, Reymount now calls assertive individuals to establish their realm in the forex arena. Acting as a prime business head of various local and international partners, Reymount extends its support in diverse modes and maintains the highest level of integrity of the entire work force by adopting stringent regulatory methods applicable at levels and constantly monitoring the activities of the unit by staying close with all its groups at all times.

Why choose Reymount White Label Program?

The forex domain of Reymount contains experts and analysts drawn from different markets specialized in various trade environments and having in-depth knowledge about the entire market. Entities working with Reymount always stay in the top in all levels and excel in whatever they do, be it knowledge, attention, management, implementation or timely execution. Moreover Reymount provides even the minute details for operating their business successfully.

So how do the entities benefit from this program?

The basic idea behind the program is that clients can establish and function under their registered trade marks. All these entities are the sole owners of their enterprise and Reymount has limited control over the operation. However Reymount takes diligent measures in evaluating the entities. Beyond these general functionalities, Reymount primary role is to equip its partners with essential infrastructures like provision of trading software, setting up of office premises, advertising, promotion of the business inland and abroad, research reports, website development, content management, and even human capital. The software – Reymount NetTrader can also be customized according to the specifications and preferences of the entities. Access to market quotes along with live charts is available on currencies, futures, precious metals and stocks. All these items can be traded from the single platform itself.

Scroll down to view more about our program advantages.

1. Immediate access to market quotes

The trading station of Reymount provided to all our entities allows their clients to access the market 24-hours a day with streaming live quotes on all major currency pairs. The multi-product trading feature of Reymount enables clients to enter or exit any position at current market prices or on delayed market quotes.

2. Live Reports and Account Statements

The Net Trader of Reymount also generates live order reports and account statements for easy verification. Reports can be generated for a specific period or on in entirety. Besides these, periodical updates of the account activities can also be presented.

3. Full-Fledged Back Office Support

The white label program of Reymount also offers full-fledged back office support to all its partners. Services covered under this section include monthly reports, pip and dollar commission table, auto-generated order and account reports. Reymount also offers exquisite training for executives and dealers upon request.

4. Sophisticated Trading Software

The sophisticated trading software of Reymount is an absolute package containing with all its essential components for trading fit enough for any kind of investor. Reymount Net Trader generates live quotes direct from the market, facilitating clients to view and execute any kind of order be it market, stop, limit or OCO orders. In addition, the software also encompasses efficient and simple-to-use market tools that your clients can access all the trades from a single window in the software. Working as a windows based application, the software contains various online security components embedded within it to ensure tight security and safety while trading online. Moreover as the software is developed in-house by our professionals, you can always expect something new from our side. Above all these things, all our partners can get the upgraded software package free of cost.

5. Customizable Trading Console

Reymount partners can also customize the trading console according to their requirements. Even the name, design and functionality of the software can be modified according to your specification. Once the product is available, your clients can download the software directly from your official website.

6. 24X7 Expert Assistance

The expert team of Reymount working round-the-clock can be contacted by our partners at any time. We are also pleased to extend our helping hands to all your privileged clients in case of special assistance or market analysis, where your client needs extra information about the opportunities prevailing. Under these circumstances you are appreciated to forward your esteemed clients to serve them.

7. Full Forex Product Suite

Reymount covers a multitude of forex products at minimum margin levels and at substantial spread rates. Live market quotes is available on all major currency pairs like USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, CAD, NZD, AUD and JPY. Apart from these, Reymount also covers dealing on precious metals like gold and silver and also on future items. In whole, Reymount presents 14 spot currencies, 3 precious metals and more than 50 future items for instant forex trading. All these products can be operated from a single forex account itself eliminating the need for multiple accounts.

8. Instant quote framing

All currencies and other listed items can be accessed from the same software itself. All quotes are real-time enabling clients to execute orders online at the best available market price. Successfully executed orders are confirmed right away leaving less room for order slippage and re-quotes.

9. Better Order Management

Beyond the general market orders you can also suggest your clients to try out various order management strategies for better control of positions. Reymount has designed various order management solutions and trading tips that guides individuals about latest market movements.

10. Unsurpassed Services

No matter what type of service you need, we have it all right away within your reach and that too within moments. You can easily identify the difference while trading with Reymount. Our unsurpassed services represent the satisfaction and joy that our clients acquire from us. In Reymount we enable both our clients and partners to participate in the big forex market with unlimited support from us. The comprehensive service package of Reymount covers all levels of trade activities right from the beginning of opening an account till drawing of unlimited gains in their accounts. Apart from these special programs like White Labeling and Introducing Broker solutions, we provide individuals to set their own business enterprise with full or partial support from us.

11. Online Solutions

Reymount believes in providing full-time access to any kind of trade information. Keeping this in mind, Reymount has made available all the essential information online 24-hours a day. All partners can access these data at anytime. This considerably reduces the tracking and administrative process. User-defined account statements and order reports can be generated within seconds easing your reporting process.

12. Wide Media Advertising

Good and catch advertising is essential for promoting any business unit. Advertisement speaks a thousand words about you and your services. This is why we stress on promoting our partnerships both inland and in abroad. We lend our expertise in promoting you in various ways right from brochure development to animated presentation, web banners and hoardings, media coverage, web advertising, conferences and online testimonials.

13. Best Compensation

For each and every activity that makes us grow, our partners receive best compensation for their extraordinary performance. Beyond the regular packages partners are also eligible to special benefits depending upon their performance and excellence in business development.

14. Customer Relations

The customer relationship team of Reymount work round-the-clock helping the entire management in sorting and aligning the work flow in business. The team coordinates with other levels of management to fulfill your request immediately. Handling services like preparing daily trade reports, account transfer reconciliation, fund transfer assistance, opening of accounts, and other miscellaneous activities that fall in their line from time to time.